Fees & Funding

Paying for Fertility Treatments

In certain cases fertility treatments can be expensive, but some funding is available through the Ontario Ministry of Health. Let’s take a look at how our fee structure works, what kind of funding is available, and some other common questions our patients ask about funding.

How Our Fee Structure Works

OHIP covers the initial consultation meeting with a fertility doctor, as well as the costs associated with certain blood tests and ultrasound.

In certain cases, you may require Non-OHIP covered tests and treatments – which includes many IVF cycles – pricing varies depending on your individual needs and treatment required. For instance, IVF can cost between $15,000 to $25,000 (excluding costs of medications) depending on the level of intervention necessary. Medications are not covered by OHIP.

Please connect with us with any specific questions about our fees.


“How do I receive my OHIP-covered cycle at Hannam?”

The Ontario Ministry of Health provides us with funding on an annual basis for IVF and Fertility Preservation cycles. Our funds for this current fiscal year have already been allocated to waiting patients.

If you are an active patient and currently seeing one of our fertility specialists, you may speak to your clinical team about future funding opportunities. We encourage patients who wish to access a funded cycle to reach out to more than one provider, as this may provide quicker access. If you are not a current patient of ours, you can request an appointment.

“Should I wait for funding?”

We worry when we see patients wait for funding, especially if they have poor ovarian reserve, are 37 years-old or older, or hope for more than one pregnancy.

We think it’s important to communicate clearly that although funding is being made available, we do not advocate waiting if it may compromise care and success rates. With that said, waiting may be the right choice for some.

To learn more about funding, please read this helpful patient guide from the Ministry of Health.