As you know, Canada anticipates a 4-fold increase in community acquired covid over the next 4-6 weeks. We are taking additional steps to keep our patients and staff safe, from even fewer points of close clinical contact to increasing surveillance of the patients we do invite to the floor. I’ll have more to share in the days ahead.

But even as Ontario enters a 28 day ‘lockdown’, pharmacies, doctor and dentist offices, grocery stores, essential services remain open. This means we remain open 7d/wk for fertility care.
When we closed in March, it was voluntary. We (and the other) fertility clinics chose to close down because we were worried that there wouldn’t be enough PPE for our clinical colleagues in the hospitals. But much has changed since then of course, and we have no intention of closing again.

Have a good, and safe, weekend everyone. Please take the social distancing guidelines to heart. As I write this note it is a lovely warm evening. I hope you have the chance to see people outside before it gets cold again.

Tom Hannam

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