Our Services

How COVID-19 Has
Affected Our Services

The spread of the coronavirus has necessitated many changes, including the suspension of all in-person fertility services at our clinic.

As a result, we are not currently able to freeze eggs, sperm and embryos. Right now, the most critical thing we can do is to help you control timelines.

While we cannot currently offer in-person services, we can provide Virtual Consultations with our doctors and specialists, who can help you optimize your health and ensure that you’re ready to proceed as soon as our in-person services resume.

Click here or use the button below to schedule a Virtual Consultation.

With a wide range of fertility services, we’ll find the ones that work for you.

From fertility tests and donor sperm to Canada’s largest Natural Conception Program and the world’s leading IVF technology, at Hannam Fertility we offer a wide range of fertility services.

We honour family diversity and pride ourselves on working closely with our patients to first make sure we understand your needs, then provide you with effective, individualized treatment options that are right for you.


We can help your body by stimulating egg production, fertilizing eggs, selecting strong embryos, and implanting them safely.

Natural Conception

Our Natural Conception Program was designed to support individuals and couples who want to conceive with minimal intervention.

Initial Consultations

How long does your first visit last? Exactly as long as you need it to. You’ll meet us, ask questions and learn your options.

Fertility Tests

We run advanced tests for both men and women to analyze all of the respective factors that contribute to your fertility.

Donor Sperm

We can use donor sperm for your IVF or IUI treatment, and are happy to discuss any legal, medical and emotional concerns.

Egg Freezing

We can preserve your fertility for later in life with advanced egg stimulation, retrieval, freezing, and thawing techniques.

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