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By clicking request an appointment you will be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire to help prioritize your referral.

The medical questionnaire will help our team get a sense of your needs, and treatment goals. Once the questionnaire is complete, our team will review your responses and we will be in touch directly with next steps.

How Virtual
Consultations Work

What Does A Virtual Consultation Cover?
A virtual consultation is booked so that our team can learn about your family-building goals, review your fertility history and learn about your medical history. The purpose of the consultation is to discuss next steps which often includes ordering testing and providing recommendations to help guide your care.

What Does A Virtual Consultation Cost?
Virtual Consultations are an OHIP-covered service.
If you have a valid OHIP card, the consultation will be covered.

After the Consultation:
One-Day Work Up

After your consultation, the doctor or fertility specialist you spoke with will send a summary note. Your clinical team will reach out directly to answer any questions that you may have and walk you through how everything will work. The next step will be to schedule you in for baseline testing as ordered by your doctor.

The One-Day Work Up
In the past, typical fertility investigations have taken weeks to determine results, including an initial consult, followed by four to six weeks of multiple visits to the clinic for follow-up reviews.

We’ve developed an evidence-based protocol that saves time and minimizes onsite visits, allowing you to schedule an appointment to come into our clinic once to complete all testing ordered. We call this a One-Day Work Up.

One-Day Work Up testing can be ordered for both you and your partner if applicable. The testing includes; anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) testing for ovarian reserve, immune screening, thyroid blood work, complete blood count, vitamin D testing, sperm testing, uterine structure and tubal function testing (sonohysterogram) as well as infectious diseases screening and sperm testing.

Your clinical team will help schedule the testing to be completed in one day; followed by an appointment with the physician to review the results.