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Who We Are

Science supports that improving health and wellness can support optimal fertility, and at Hannam Fertility we have naturopaths who can help you.

As an example, a recent study from a team at Harvard University found that a particular dietary pattern in those undergoing IVF was associated with a 56% probability of a live birth, compared to 32% probability in those who had a diet least consistent with this pattern. Most studies that look at diet and fertility only show associations between dietary patterns and fertility outcomes, but we can still look at the overall body of scientific evidence and draw some conclusions about which dietary approaches are supportive of optimal fertility.

Our Naturopathic Doctors will help you figure out what evidence-based approaches are best suited for you.

Who can benefit?

  • If you want to work on egg or sperm quality, optimizing weight, if you have PCOS, endometriosis, or a thin endometrial lining
  • If you are looking to optimize natural conception and wellness
  • If you want to know how diet, exercise, nutritional supplements can help your fertility
  • If you could use help managing your stress

Why Us?

By working with our team of naturopaths at HFC, you can be certain that all the members of your care team are communicating with each other and can easily access your relevant health information.

Working with an ND that has a focus in fertility care means that our team is up to date on relevant information on natural approaches to fertility and also on your care plan from the rest of your fertility team at HFC.

Who Are Our Naturopaths

Alan Vu and Zeynep Uraz are our team of Naturopathic Doctors, with a special interest in fertility care. They have over 28 years of combined practice experience. They are both faculty members at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine*.

For more information about our team and their approach please visit atozfertility.com

*Naturopathic care is not covered by OHIP but most extended health care plans have some coverage. Please check with your provider.


Acupuncture can help to promote blood flow to pelvic organs and can support relaxation and stress reduction.

Acupuncture can be used:

  • Leading up to IVF retrieval
  • Leading up to embryo transfer and on the day of embryo transfer
  • To support thin endometrial lining
  • To support cycle regularity in some individuals

Our naturopaths provide acupuncture on-site at HFC.

Ready to Get Started With One of Our Naturopaths?

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Ready to Get Started With One of Our Naturopaths?

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