World class treatment.
Cutting-edge science.
Really nice doctors.

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World class treatment.
Cutting-edge science.
Really nice doctors.

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Fertility shouldn’t be scary, confusing or lonely. That’s why we believe in empowering you with knowledge (check out our latest non-profit project, We also believe in cutting-edge science—including collaborating with incredible partners, like the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. And we believe in being really, really nice. We’re Canada’s leading fertility clinic, and we’d love to help you.

1We help you conceive as naturally as possible.
2We give everyone with OHIP a free diagnosis within 6 weeks.
3We aim for pregnancy within 9 months of treatment.
4We make sure you understand exactly what’s going on.
5We provide honest options—and state of the art treatment.
6We care about our patients—and we let it show.
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  • Dr. Hannam and his team showed their care and concern every step of the way along our emotional journey. I am overjoyed to be in my fifth month of pregnancy.

  • Dr. Hannam treated us like two deserving people with our own unique circumstances, not a number or just another client. Our daughter arrived 35 weeks after our first embryo transfer!

    Judy Reichstein & John Kraai
  • We were looking for a doctor who not only could work with us, but also was willing to ‘think outside the box’. Less than a year later, we’re expecting our first baby.

    Karma Brown


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