IVF with CCRM Fertility

Hannam Fertility is the only Canadian clinic that has partnered with the internationally renowned IVF specialists at CCRM Fertility, allowing us to provide our patients with the best IVF treatment in Canada.

IVF with CCRM Fertility

IVF is a highly effective and safe fertility treatment where eggs are retrieved and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory, and then an embryo is transferred to into the uterus.

CCRM Fertility’s IVF success rates are among the highest in North America for live births and the shortest time to pregnancy. Since 1987, CCRM Fertility has helped thousands of patients across North America grow their families with innovate fertility treatments.

As a part of CCRM Fertility’s network, we have access to cuttingedge technology and quality control that is unmatched allowing us to provide our patients with the best chance of success.

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Fertility Success
Starts with the Lab

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We are committed to consistently investing in new proprietary technology
and scientific techniques that translate into superior outcomes
and a family’s fastest path to the healthiest baby.

How Does IVF Work?

IVF treatment consists of four distinct stages:



To help ensure the successful retrieval of multiple eggs, women undergoing IVF may receive fertility drugs to mimic the body’s natural hormones. Then, her ovaries and hormone levels will be carefully monitored to determine when her body is ready for egg retrieval.


Egg Retrieval

On the day of retrieval, the patient is lightly sedated, and an ultrasound probe is inserted into her vagina to identify follicles. A thin needle is then inserted into an ultrasound guide, gently passing through her vagina and into her follicles to retrieve her eggs.



A male donor provides a semen sample, his sperm are separated from his semen in a lab. The male’s active sperm are then combined with the female’s eggs in a laboratory dish. Within under 24 hours, it can be determined if the IVF process worked.



To ensure they’re as strong and healthy as possible, viable embryos are first incubated and observed over the next couple of days. Finally, the embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus, to continue developing. If the IVF treatment is successful, the woman will test positive for pregnancy.