Spring! Spring is a time for fresh starts and new growth. The pandemic has affected us all of course, and I’d like to share with you some updates about our clinic and what you can expect from us in the months ahead. Pregnancy rates are up in our Natural Conception and IVF programs We’re pleased to report our Natural Conception and IVF patients have experienced a higher rate of success over the past 12 months than ever before. Pregnancy rates are highly lab-dependent, and we are all grateful for the consistency, stability, and professionalism of all our lab teams, through the past year. We could not offer our services without personal dedication and the expertise of the CCRM organization. Staffing levels return to normal The pandemic has strained many workforces, and ours is no exception. We’ve seen staff turnover with patient-facing clinic roles in particular. As a result, our wait lists have grown as demand exceeded our capacity. I’m pleased to say we’ve turned the corner and are nearly back to full strength, from physician teams to the back office. For you, our patients, this means that your doctor, your nurse and your patient services contact are yours—people you can count on and who really know you. (Obviously, our staff will cover for each other when necessary due to Covid, other illnesses, and scheduling). I’m sure that our improved staffing capacity and stability will enable us to quickly work through our wait lists and better deliver the personal attention that we all want for all of our patients. Help us further improve clinic-patient communications With remote care ongoing, we don’t “bump into” you anymore in the elevator or on the floor.
    • Are you on our waitlist—and need egg freezing or IVF right now? Email referrals@hannamfertility.com and let us know. These procedures are generally reserved for exceptionally time-sensitive patients.
    • Are you an active patient and dissatisfied with communications from your current team? Email your nursing team and let them know you’d like an internal second opinion. This will give you a new opportunity to speak to us and confirm we’re still the right clinic for you.
    • Need more ‘lifestyle’ support? Our clinic’s expertise is focused on helping patients get pregnant. Patients looking for advice on supplements, diet, weight loss and similar matters should contact A to Z Fertility, our naturopathic partners.
    • Need more emotional support? If you feel you need deeper levels of emotional support, ask your team about our new counselling partners.
  Clinic health and safety procedures currently in effect To protect the health and safety of our patients and staff, we will continue to follow the measures below through May 2022 and into spring:
    • Services are by appointment only. Patients arriving 10 or more minutes late for their appointment will need to reschedule.
    • Masks required. All staff and patients are required to wear a 3-layer medical mask during while at the clinic. We can provide one when necessary.
    • Pre-screening. Anyone visiting the clinic will be asked to complete a pre-screening questionnaire for each in-person visit. We will also conduct a distanced temperature check and require patients to wash/sanitize their hands prior to proceeding to our services.
    • No outside food or drink is permitted during visits to our clinic.
    • No children. We cannot accommodate children at our clinic. We ask all patients to make necessary childcare arrangements before their visit.
    • Partners and support persons allowed in some cases—please check first. We are slowly allowing patients to be accompanied by their partners or support persons for selected procedures and moments of care. We are doing this in stages, so contact your clinical team before your appointment; they will let you know if someone can join you at your visit.
  Programs currently offered Natural conception and naturopathic support Egg Freezing IVF Approved Donor Sperm/Donor Eggs Counselling Programs still on hold Known-egg donation Most gestational surrogacy programs If you have any questions, please contact your team. Moving forward—together I’m confident that our clinical team will be able to provide you with faster, easier-to-understand, and more compassionate care in the year ahead. Thank you for choosing our team. Sincerely, Tom Hannam

About the Author

Dr. Tom Hannam The founder of the Hannam Fertility Centre, Dr. Hannam has sat on the board of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, and is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada, and the European Society for Human Reproduction and Endocrinology.